A Handmade Christmas, Part II

As Part II of A Handmade Christmas, I've collected some great DIY Christmas tree ornaments. Use it as inspiration for your own tree, or consider giving some of these ornaments as gifts, or to use as gift tags and party favors. My mom has initiated a little bit of a tradition of giving the same ornaments to every member of her family, so that when we decorate our trees, we all have some decorations that are the same. It brings us together even when we celebrate Christmas apart, and I think it's wonderful. Feel free to steal this tradition and make it one of your own!

1. Snowy balloon ornaments. The sparkliness of these ornaments is not to be matched, I think. And so easy to make!
2. Pinecone elves. Aren't these the cutest? A tiny family of elves would add something special to any tree.
3. Porcelain ball ornament. I love how this ornament looks polished, and at the same time a little wonky.
4. Felt dala horse ornament. We had a wooden Dala horse at our house growing up, so this felt ornament fills me with nostalgia, in the best way.
5. Folded paper stars. For some reason Google didn't offer to translate this page for me, but I still think I'll give these a try. They're gorgeous!
6. Polymer clay birds. The author of this DIY decorated her clay birds with paint, but I love the look of them plain and white.
7. Map ornament. I love the idea of making an ornament using a map and giving to someone for whom that place has a special significance. So sweet and personal.
8. Matryoshka doll ornament. This is one of the most adorable embroidered felt ornaments I've seen yet! {And I feel like that's saying a lot -- embroidered felt is big right now.}
9. Glittered deer ornaments. This tutorial is for table decorations, but these glitter animals are too amazing to pass up! Use the instructions in this DIY to turn the animals into Christmas tree ornaments.


  1. I love the maps ornament. I made this as a gift for my sister when she got married. I just did 3 hearts...where he is from, where she is from, where they got married.


    Super cheap when you make it yourself.

  2. Sweet collection- I don't have a tree but really like ornaments! :) I'm visiting from Pugly Pixel, how are you liking the template? I think it looks beautiful with the scallops and mint polka dots. Good choice. my blog is in desperate need of a makeover!

  3. thanks for linking to me :) hope google translator will help you :)

    what a beautiful blog you have! I look forward to follow you

    greetings from Norway